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okay im done with this. I like exo too but not as much as SHINee..AND FOR GODS SAKE i dont think no one can compare EXO over SHINee? SHINee is 5 year old boy group.. exo is just 1 or 2? im not saying one of them have much talent.. but hey! please exo fans dont be bitches… SHINee had 3 comeback this year and they are working so hard.. they deserve to win on mama everyone knows this.. and everyone knows exo is not best male group or best song or best anyhting if shinee cant win the award must be someone elses not exo’s..there are many perfect groups before exo.. and u knw why exo winning? because exo have too much -young- fans and they are ambitious,most of them saeseng fans.. and we, as SHINee fans.. of course we want SHINee to win but its not everything for us.. we will like SHINee whatever they do.. we like them as they are..we are just real fangirls loving them, but respect their life..^^ HAHA YOU KNOW SHINee DONT NEED ANY SPECIAL PROMOTION FOR BEING GOOD OR SELL ANYHTING THEY ARE TAKING THEIR OWN VIDEOS TO PROMOTE THEMSELVES ^^ so.. SHINee fighting if you cant win you know u are winner in our hearts, all awards for you ~

ps: i like real exo fans.. not bitchy exo fans.

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 I like their dance 8D

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